April 05, 2010

Whet your appetite

In the film and comic fandom world, many people love to look at pictures of the books and posters they own.

It's called shelf porn. For real.

I am into CSA porn. I love to know exactly what kind of wonderful, ripe, supple veggies and fruits people get in their share each week. Please leave a comment and let me know!

Yeah, I'm a freak like that.

Here was this week's share to whet your appetite. *rrrroooaawww*:

Kale, Hanover Salad: East Carolina Organics, N.Carolina
Baby Arugula (sustainable): Equinox Farm, MA
Salad Mix (sustainable): Equinox Farm, MA
Greenleaf Lettuce: Lady Moon Organics, Florida
Romaine Lettuce: Lady Moon Organics, Florida
Grapefruit: Spooner’s Farm, Vero Beach, Florida
Apples (IPM): Pine Hill Orchard, Colrain, MA
Parsnips: Deep Root Organics, Vermont
Sweet Potatoes: East Carolina Organics, N. Carolina
Green Beans: Internatural
Yukon Potatoes: Prince Edward Island, Canada

Green Peppers

Now we just have to plan our menu....

I think I need to use up some of these potatoes. I have spuds up to my spectacles.


Sarah B. said...

Hi Christy,
Good and easy recipe for using up potatoes that 3 out of 4 of our family members liked:
I used frozen cut green beans to make it super simple.
- Sarah

Christy Z said...

Thank you Sarah! We just got green beans in our share last week and are expecting more Thurs. This looks perfect.

I was stemming the beans on the porch on Sun for dinner and *I* stole the bowl and started eating them raw! I barely had enough to steam. David snapped a pic. That'll be a post soon. :)