April 21, 2010

Tap Out.


3 days at home and I realized something very important. I really need to remember to drink water and eat on my weekday schedule. Even on weekends. Especially long ones.

Eating from the outer aisle is great, but it really helps to wash it down with some water. Tap, Britta, bottled, bubbler, Culligan, I don't care, just drink it. (Actually I do care, try to stay away from the bottled water, mmm...k peeps? It's a waste of moolah and do we really need more bottles for the trash or recycling bins?)

*off soap box*

My lack of hydration this weekend meant I woke up with the start of a migraine. I thought I caught it in time with water and meds, but on the commute in, I had get off the train and proceeded to puke in the nearest trash can. Lovely, eh?

I was mortified. MOR-TI-FIED. (And yet, here I am writing all about it! Let's just call it a teaching moment.)

I had a wonderful friend, my commuting buddy who brought me water and stayed with me while I got some air and figured out if I go home or catch the next train.

Oh, and who else was there to keep us company? Why, the jackhammers! Literally.

Yes, of ALL the stops, I had to decide to hurl at the one with the jackhammers *d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d* pounding into the pavement.


Imagine *THAT* with a migraine.


I called David in tears and said everyone that could see me from the packed train was going to think I needed to pee on a stick.

His response, "I am headed to the second floor, opening the window and flinging myself out. Now."

It made me laugh so hard, I instantly felt better. And quite glad my stomach was empty so I didn't spew from my nose.

Moral of the story...

Drink your eight glasses of water people!

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