April 10, 2010

Stock that won't crash

The stock market blows....when it crashes.

This stock doesn't.

And it is so incredibly easy to make.  Here is what I did....

Put water in a pot.  Add vegetable scraps. You know, ends of celery stalks, carrot shavings, the ends of onions, kale stems, what ever I was chopping and discarding for my soup.  I added a bay leaf, some salt, pepper, garlic powder and I simmered the pot for a several hours.  (The house smelled fantastic!) Strain. Put in containers and freeze or used as a base for soup.

I used this for a vegan kale white bean soup I made on Saturday. The rest is in the freezer in small containers ready to use for other soups.

The Tally:
Just about 0 calories
Cost - less than $0...since most of these scraps would have ended up in a compost or the trash.

And actually, now is the time to buy stock - I mean Wall Stree stock - if you have the cash.  It's like a sale. And who can turn down a sale.  If you don't have cash for stock, for the love of pete, don't stop contributing to your retirement account. That is all.


Sarah B. said...

Christy, I've been making stock a lot lately too. I just keep adding all the stock-worthy veggie and meat scraps in a ziplock bag in the freezer. When the bag is full I make up a batch of stock. Seems like about every 2 weeks I have enough to make 4 qts of stock.

Christy Z said...

That is a great idea Sarah! I keep the giblets, but I hadn't thought to keep the veggie scraps. Those have been going to the compost we just started. Good call.

One thing I did learn from by bf'ing days, is if you store liquid in a quart or gallon bag in the freezer, you can store it flat and it is very easy to thaw under warm water. Maybe you already do this with your stock...